How To Move Your Hostgator Website To Godaddy

How To Move Your Hostgator Site To Godaddy

I want to move from Hostgator to Here are the steps I used to move this account.

1. You need Putty to SSH into your old and new server. Putty can be downloaded at

2. You need root login for your oldserver (Hostgator) and your new server (Godaddy)

3. Initiate login using Putty (put in IP address) and login as root.

4. Once you are logged in go to the directory of your file by typing cd /var/www/html to bring you to the website that you want to transfer. Type in dir to see all the files in that directory.

5. Now type in tar -cvf namethisfile.tar ./ You will see a screen scroll of all your files. It means that all your files are being zip into namethisfile.tar

6. Type in dir to see if the namethisfile.tar is there. If it is then you are ready to SSH into your new server to import the file.


1. Create a new account website on Godaddy. The account website is with the user name movemysite and password movemenow3

2. Login to your new server at Godaddy using Putty just like above. At the prompt I entered my usernam: movemysite and password: movemenow3

3. Type in cd public_html this brings you to the website folder

4. Type in wget . Be sure to replace with your website domain. In my case I typed in wget . You will see an animation of % downloaded.

5. Once the download is complete, you need to type in tar -xvf namethisfile.tar . This will “unzip” your site on your new server.

6. Now we need to export the WordPress database and import it to your new site.

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