Samsung Unpacked: Watch the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge live video stream

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Gear S, and Gear VR. Some photos of the new products are below, beneath the video player. More details about the new products are coming in now.

One of the biggest events at IFA 2014 in Berlin is Samsung’s Unpacked Episode 2 — and you watch a live video stream of the event right here, embedded below. Samsung will almost certainly unveil the Galaxy Note 4, which the company hopes will put it in good stead against the upcoming large-screen iPhone 6. The Unpacked event will probably be used to talk more about the Gear S smartwatch, and potentially two other new exciting products: The Galaxy Note Edge and the Gear VR.

Samsung Unpacked: Watch the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge live video stream

The event and live video stream will begin at 9am ET . We will update this post with details of the new products once the event begins. Scroll down to read more about what we expect Samsung to announce at the Unpacked event, including more details about the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, and Gear VR.

Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, Gear S, and Gear VR

At its Unpacked Episode 2 event, Samsung has unveiled four new products: The Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, the Gear S, and Gear VR. Some official press photos of the products are below. You can click to see larger versions.

Samsung Unpacked: Watch the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge live video stream

The Galaxy Note 4 $349.99 at Best Buy is exactly what you might think: an iterative update. All of its cool features are now easier to use — and there are some new cool features, too! Nothing too surprising here. The 2560×1440 Super AMOLED display does indeed appear to be a joy to behold. There appears to be a quad-core Snapdragon 805 SoC inside, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Some markets will get an octa-core  SoC instead.

The Galaxy Note Edge is essentially the same as the Note 4, but with an additional 160 pixels down the curved right-hand bezel. The Edge only curves on the right side; the left side is flat. It would be more accurate to call it a bent display than curved. The additional screen real estate is used for exactly what you’d expect: notifications and shortcuts that are always visible, even when you’re in a full-screen app.

The Gear VR is a virtual reality headset that requires the Galaxy Note 4 to work — as in, you actually have to slot the Note 4 into the Gear VR to make it work. This is a lot like the Google Cardboard thing that you may have seen a few months ago. Gear VR only works with the Note 4.

What to expect from Samsung’s Unpacked event

The star of the show, as the invitation notes, will be the Galaxy Note 4. As you’d expect from such a naming scheme, the Note 4 will be mostly an iterative upgrade, with a 5.7- or 5.9-inch screen and 2560×1400 resolution.

Samsung Unpacked: Watch the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge live video stream

The Galaxy Note Edge might be more interesting. Leaks suggest that the Edge will be like the Note 4, but with a curved display along its left and right bezels. This would tie in nicely with Samsung’s work on curved and flexible displays, and the fact that the Galaxy Note 3 also had a curved cousin.

We’ve also heard that the Gear VR might be shown at the Unpacked event. Not a whole lot is known about the Gear VR, other than it’s some kind of virtual reality headset — like the Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus. A render of the headset, shown below, was reportedly leaked last month. Apparently it will hook into your smartphone via USB, allowing you to watch films and TV shows on the silver screen. Presumably you’ll also be able to play games on the Gear VR, though that would involve Samsung getting some developers to create some VR-optimized games for Android.

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